Why We Breed GSD

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Why do we Breed German Shepherd Dogs?

Deron and I have been 'in dogs', that is, competed in Dog Sports for many many years, and have bred dogs in the past.

I got very very frustrated when I was looking for GOOD GSD. It seemed if it were not a Puppy Mill, it was someone that wanted a big long list of questioned answered that were none of their business, as well as wanting to tell the buyers what they could and could not do with the dog for the life of the dog.

I was also very frustrated when I did find a nice dog but the seller wanted very HIGH costs for them, AND then wanted the dog neutered or spayed. Offering them only on a Limited Registration.

WORSE YET! All the breeders that not only are NOT Breeding to 'the Standard for the Breed', but some, did not even know that there IS a 'Standard for the Breed'. Not only are they not Breeding to the Standard, they did not know what a Standard for the Breed even is! Many of these same people, know NOTHING about genetics! But yet, they breed.

Couple that with all the PC CRAP that goes on in today's world, and boy... Why/How did it become so complicated to buy a Nicely Bred Registered Dog??????


I had found, and find, that finding Good Working GSD that are bred to look like they are suppose to look according to the Standard for the Breed.....is harder each year that goes by.

I want to Breed Nicely Built, Correct to Standard, GSD out of Working Lines that not only look correct, but have a build that CAN actually Work, and Work for Years, not break down because of bad/too extreme slanted hips, elbows, roached backs, ect., ect. I want to Breed dogs that I Want to OWN Myself.



PROPER BREEDING MATTERS! DOGS BRED TO THE STANDARD FOR THEIR BREED MATTERS! WHY???? Dog that are Bred to the Standard of the Breed are Bred Correctly for the way that the Dog is Suppose to be built. Then. The dogs bones are proper size, proper set. Dogs that are Bred To Standard are less likely to have Structure and or Health Problems. Dogs bred to the Standard are far more likely to have Sound Temperaments.

If pure bred dogs are haphazardly bred, what we call, 'rubbing two dogs together and hoping for the best', that is, if the person breeding the dogs is breeding off standard for something they like or that is popular for sales, such as, long hair in GSD, bigger sized, THAT breeder is not breeding dogs to the Standard, and probably not even breeding dogs that are built correctly. There is a high factor that these dogs will have a higher incident of health problems than dogs Bred To Standard. That 'breeder' is buying their dogs based on one thing....whatever that thing is that should not be there, according to Standard, that they want in their dogs. So they are NOT caring so much about the bigger picture or the structure, soundness or health of the dogs.

Just because someone tells you their dog is, 'an import', or 'came straight from Germany', DOES NOT MEAN THEY HAVE A GREAT, OR EVEN GOOD DOG. Imports to one Country can and often IS Culling from another Country.


One example of a time I was looking for a GOOD pup.

I take my time when I am 'puppy shopping'. But when I find one I like I don't waste time...otherwise the GOOD Dogs from the GOOD Breeders are long gone.

I can not tell you the frustrations of Searching for Tikuah...he is/was to be our 'next Kennel Sire'. I of course wanted a dog way above average....

When I was shopping for Tikuah... The game that some 'breeders' play. (notice I use a small letter b) One guy. Had a nice pup and all the right answers...but. he kept pressing for that deposit...I asked one more questions about naming the puppy (another big gripe of mine for another day) Oh..... He names the dog, but, "You can call the dog anything I want." 'And when I send in my deposit, he will send me the contract' to read. Contract? Never mentioned that before now. Mind you. NONREFUNDABLE deposit, before you find out there is a contract.....and you should have seen the contract. I asked for it BEFORE THE DEPOSIT AND SO GLAD I DID! I did NOT purchase that pup.

These people that want to continue to own the dogs they sell...ie, tell you everything you have to do, what to feed, name them, THAT IS, NOT JUST THEIR KENNEL NAME, to name them. And the list of what some breeders pull in, and put into, these 'contracts' just goes on and on and on.

AND THE PERSONAL QUESTIONS THEY ASK PEOPLE! NON OF THEIR BUSINESS! Some ask How much money you make a year, Where you live and How much your home payments, what Vehicles you own and how much your payments are....NO NOT KIDDING!) These breeders use the excuse of..."I want the dog to have a good home." Let me tell you...you can ask all the questions and STILL NOT KNOW! I found out a LONG time ago, the home you think best, probably is not. The ones you are iffy on....the people spend the time with the animals and love them, and own them for the life of the animal. One thing for sure...How much money they have means nothing as far as the amount of time spent or right care for the dog!

Then this other guy...a so called 'big breeder in AR... read puppy mill. I talked to this guy and....get this...you had to take the dog, DROP IT OFF FOR WEEKS, and pay THEM to train it. AND HOW MUCH DOES THAT COST????? Far more than a smart person would pay! This was the same guy that ask me what I was looking for in a GSD...'I have everything, I can breed anything you are looking for...long hair, extra large, any color..." "I have a black that is dominate (btw, GSD black is recessive). You see in Czechoslovakia they bred in wolves to the breed to enhance the black color and I have 2 of the only 5 dogs in the world with this black dominate genes..." Yeah. He really really said that. His hook for the stupid people? "I import them from Germany and Czechoslovakia." As IF that insured a good dog. Shoooooot. Germany is KNOWN and has been since the 1940's to send the USA their culls at high prices...and what Germany is sending right now!? Arched back, long haired, eye necked, messed up shaggy coats CALLED Long Hair, funny headed messes!

What I see in this guy....sales. He says all the right words for the people that know nothing about the breed.

Imported dogs CAN be a very good thing. But they better be imported by the RIGHT people. People who care about the Breed. Someone who knows how to do Registration Papers correctly...no liars who, if they did breed in wolves, 'fudge' on the Registrations papers.

Why do we sell our puppies for less than what we paid for our dogs?

We bought our own dogs for a Purpose. That Purpose is/was NOT to breed them, although we did buy dogs that we feel are worthy of breeding. We paid what the Market was asking for GOOD, WELL PEDIGREED DOGS THAT COME FROM DOGS THAT HAVE HAD THEIR ELBOWS AND HIPS CHECKED Bred From Working German Shepherd Dog Lines.

We wanted dogs out of Working, Titled Dogs with the Body Style that is not only True To The Standard, but built to last (health wise) as Working Dogs. People that are working toward Titles and or actually Working their dogs are Breeding Good Dogs....however, maybe not every single dog they Breed....but close.

We paid more for a few of our dogs than we have paid for our horses, and we have bought some NICE horses!

Could we charge more for our puppies? Could we use the 'hook' of 'discounts' for certain people? Could we have litter after litter after litter. Sure we could. But that is not what we think is right.

The cost of a puppy is what used to be called, "A drop in the bucket." Meaning that care and food and time and such, was going to cost far more over the years.

We sell our puppies at a Very Fair Price. We do this because we had to work so hard to find good dogs...it just should not be like this.

A Note I Wrote To A Friend On This Topic

BAHAHAHAHA EXACTLY! And exactly why I breed! And it is funny you mentioned this. I just started the other day writing up WHY I breed for a page on our website.

First of all, like everything else that gets 'carried away by greed', rescues started out as a good thing......then people learned not only could they Guilt people, they could CONTROL them with contracts, AND MAKE A LOT OF MONEY DOING IT! I am NOT PC when it comes to this crap!

Many Many Many so called 'rescues' have been CAUGHT breeding mixed breeds.....yes, breeding!

Not only that but they lie to people and tell them that the 'rescue animals' have less health problems! WHAT!? Oh No! They can have a BOATLOAD of problems. They are from dogs that are not 'checked' and then mixed with another, 'unchecked' dog to produce.........WHAT? A dog, 'they' will tell you, that has LESS health problems!!!????? BAHAHAHAHAHA BAHAHAHAHAH And worse, the background the animals come from.....not trained, some bit people, killed cats...... you name it! And the stupid people believe that the 'rescues' are perfect, just misunderstood, and sign all sorts of papers to 'adopt' them. And by the way......if you read those 'rescue' contracts, 'they' can stop by your home any time to 'check on the animal' and take it if they deem necessary......

When I started looking for my GSD ~about~ all I could find were puppy mills and the breeders that wanted $2500+ and for that price they also want to continue to own the dog....with contracts. I wanted at least two anyway.......so I kept looking until I found the guys we have. I paid high, but the breeders did not come with the deal, AND I got mine with Full Registration.

Honestly. I charge LESS FOR MY PUPS THAN I PAID FOR MY DOGS. I honestly do. Tabaliah cost more than any horse we every bought. And we have had some nice horses. We paid as much for each of our dogs as we have good horses. 4 digits for each.

My website is set up MORE FOR LEARNING ABOUT GSD AND TRAINING THEM, than to sell puppies. I also have on my website what to look for and look out for when buying ANY puppy! And I address the 'rescue' and 'backyard breeder' myths. One thing I address is the 'buying/adopting' crap. If you give them money, and they give you something back, YOU JUST BOUGHT IT! I think people should be able to pick out NICE dogs/puppies from someone not looking to rob and control them!

How Often Do WE Breed Our Dogs?

How often do we breed our dogs? Not very often. From 2013 to 2019, we only bred 3 litters. Just 3. As I said. We are NOT a Puppy Mill. We are planning 2 litters, that will be for sale in 2020. We contact our List of People Interested in Puppies FIRST. Our second litter sold to people on that list and were never offered to the General Public. SO IF YOU ARE INTERESTED PLEASE CONTACT ME NOW, GET ON OUR NO OBLIGATION PUPPY LIST; SO WE WILL CONTACT YOU FIRST WHEN WE HAVE PUPPIES AVAILABLE.

much more to come......

The contents of this page for Why We Breed GSD is still under construction. Please check back later!

-- The Working German Shepherd Dogs Team
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