The Bite

Call it a Bite, or Nip, or Snip, or Chewing, or Teething, or Mouthing, or Playing, or any other cute name you can give it. If the dog's teeth are on a person or another animal, the dog, puppy, that is, the dog needs to be corrected....each and every time. Letting this go on, all this "Chewing", "Teething", "oh it was just a Nip", is going to teach your puppy or dog, it is ok for them to BITE! A bite is any time the dog has it's teeth on someone or some living animal. This is not a good thing. Even if you will be training the dog for Schutzhund Training, NEVER, EVER, let your puppy even start putting it's teeth on you.

Puppies do not know any better than to chew on a person's hand or arms or leg or foot.... However, the owner of the dog should know better and correct the puppy each and every time it happens.

When a puppy, of any breed, puts it's teeth on you, playing or not, it will need a gentle correction. But follow that correction with telling/asking the puppy "Where is your toy?", or "Get your toy." or "Find your toy." You should have several dog safe toys all around, so that you can reach quickly and get one for the puppy right at that moment. Teach the dog it is NOT ok to chew on you, but it IS a good thing to play with or chew on a DOG TOY. The same is true if the puppy is chewing on your stuff, from clothing to furniture. Make a gentle correction with a "No!", followed by "Where is your toy?" then quickly go and get a toy for the puppy.

If you are unfamiliar with training your puppy or do not know where to start when it comes to teaching your dog manners, PLEASE take your dog to a Basic Obedience Class and learn with your dog. Every Dog Should Have Manners! It is up to the owner to start teaching their own dog from the very beginning.

If you are in fact training your dog in the Schutzhund Sport, GET A PROPER TRAINER. This is not something that you should teach on your own without proper knowledge. Schutzhund means Protection Dog. The training is intense. There are three parts to this training and ALL are important. It is not "sick em" training. This is not teasing a dog to the point it will bite. PLEASE! Do yourself and your dog a favor and get proper training if this is how you would like to train your dog. Biting is a serious thing!

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-- The Working German Shepherd Dogs Team
Tue, 30 Jul 2013 14:20:53 -0400

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