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German Shepherd Books

German Shepherd Dogs are lovely to look at. German Shepherd Dogs make wonderful companions and pets. German Shepherd Dogs (GSD or GDSs) make great working dogs, there is not much a GSD can not do. GSDs make great Guard Dogs. But the breed is not for everyone. GSDs need space, they need to get out and move at a fast clip. And, GSDs, without proper training, can bark a lot. This might not be a good breed for an inactive apartment dweller.

You really need to learn about the breed before running off and buying one. Many people think that dogs or certain breeds come trained. That is they know two maybe three people that own the same breed of dog. Those two dog owners have well behaved and well trained dogs. So the first person believes they dogs of that breed came that way as puppies. This person did not know, or realize that the two dog owners have HOURS and MONTHS into training their dogs to act correct around humans and or do the job that the dogs are performing well.

Dogs DO NOT come trained, unless you have bought a dog that Has Been Trained before the purchase. Training a GSD or any breed is an on going, life time, commitment.

PLEASE: Buy books on the breed of dog. Talk to people that own the breed. Talk to people that breed the dogs. Talk to people you see out with their dogs of the breed you are looking at to purchase. Read on line about the care and feeding and training and keeping of a German Shepherd Dog that is as large and intelligent as most dogs are of this breed.

GSD Books 2013-08-24

Before you purchase your GSD know what or why it is you want the breed. Will it be a Working Dog? Do you want to Show the dog in the Conformational Show Ring? Will you be it's trainer? Do you have the ability and time to train the dog? If you alone can not train the dog to do the job you are buying the dog for, is there a trainer that lives or works near you? Have your investigated the cost for the training?

Many times people "get in over their heads" and the animals they intended to train or keep or love, get the raw end of the deal and the animals end up needing a home. Worse. The animals need a home and the animals do not have any type of training, not even basic or manners, in them, so the animal is "out of hand" looking for a new family to love it. Here is how this usually goes....the family or person buys the dog with full intentions on training it. But with working full time, maybe they have children, sports, other obligations...the dog is raised by living in a crate or in the backyard. The puppy gets to the chewing stage and starts to chew the wrong items in the home, back out to the backyard. German Shepherd Dogs are very intelligent dogs and they need training and they need some sort of job, or they invent one of their own.....such as tearing up your couch, or shredding that laundry you have not take the time to wash. Not here is the worse part. These owners, that did not take the time to train or walk or work with their intelligent dog, think the dog is stupid....after all, they TOLD the dog No, not to do those things. This is so sad. So please be sure, be so sure, that a GSD is the breed you want to own and train and exercise.

Make sure you not only want to own a German Shepherd Dog and why you want one. Make sure your family understands how large this dog will become and who will be training the dog. Make sure the family knows the rules that the dog has and keeps consistency in the dogs training.

Yes. All of the books in these photos belong to me. I have read them, and do read them. I prefer and recommend the Older Dog Books. There is far more realistic information in them and not too much PC crap in them.


White German Shepherd Dog Books

There are Books devoted to White Shepherds. White German Shepherd Dogs are covered in all the GSD Books, and some even mention them by color, and or have Chapters for them.

Be sure you read all you can find on the Dog you are looking to own and train, BEFORE the purchase.

Be sure you understand the breeder and know if or if not you are getting what rights with the puppy you buy. Know what 'limited registration' means. Learn what the different Registration Clubs offer, most White Shepherds are NOT AKC Registered.

If the dog is coming in from another country, make sure, before your purchase that you know what Registration Clubs will transfer and which will not.

As I said, DO YOUR HOMEWORK BEFORE YOUR PURCHASE. Or YOU might be terribly disappointment when the sale is said and done.


History of GSD/Malamute Breeds Book Shiloh Shepherd Book

If you are thinking that well bred German Shepherd Dogs come in the size of a very large, oversized, Alaskan Malamute (standard for that breed calls for, females 75 pounds, males 85 pounds), or a Saint Bernard, you are wrong.

Read up on the different breeds. A HUGE GSD will RARELY be a healthy dog. The correctly built GSD should be a Maximum of 90 pounds, and even THAT is oversized as far as what the Standard for the Breed calls for when correctly bred and built.

Before you decide on a Shiloh Shepherd DO YOUR HOMEWORK. There are a LOT of frauds out there breeding dogs they are CALLING Shiloh Shepherds that are not. Many can and do come with a boat load of health and disposition problems. Be sure you understand that breeding a Malamute to a GSD does NOT make a Shiloh Shepherd. It is just an F1 Mixed Breed that can grow to become a dangerous dog.

When dogs are bred for size, larger than called for in the Standard of the Breed for that breed of dog, HEALTH OF THOSE OVERSIZED DOGS IS COMPROMISED!

Please see our "120 Pound Shepherd!" page here, Navigation Menu at right.

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