Barrel Racing

Yes. Barrel Racing for Dogs. The sport is much the same as Barrel Racing Horses. For dogs, the same Clover Leaf Pattern is set up with Barrels...or buckets or smaller barrels, or trash cans, or whatever the event decides to use, and the dog run the course the same way, direction, pattern, as the horses do. A dog can wear a saddle, or not, with a rider, or not.

Barrel Racing Dogs would be a GREAT Sport for GSDs, in events or just at home around some trash cans or buckets. GSDs love to work, love to have a purpose, love to run, love to please! Train your dog to Run Barrels like horses and show it off to your friends and family. Make a video for the Internet.

When I first saw this Sport I fell in love, so much so, I set up an entire website to support and spread the news. You can see it at


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-- The Working German Shepherd Dogs Team
Tue, 30 Jul 2013 13:46:28 -0400

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