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What Do All Those Letters and Number Mean In A Dog's Pedigree?

German (Germany), Czechoslovakian (Czeck), Canadian (Canada), United States of American (USA), International, as well as others ~ Pedigree Terms, Definitions, Abbreviations, Ratings and Titles as well as words found in/on GSD papers and pedigrees on Imports or dogs for sale.

I have compiled a list that might help a person read a dog's pedigree. I have it in 'semi alphabetical' order for faster findings.

**This page is dedicated to Tabaliah Von Kazmaier, who's amazing recent German Import Pedigree sent me searching for the abbreviations and words within. This page, that I have DAYS of work into, is also

German and Other Titles, Terminology (terms of what those letters mean), Ratings, In Pedigrees

Pedigree Terms, Definitions, Ratings and Titles: Semi Alphabetized

German, as well as Other, Titles, Terminology (terms of what those abbreviations and letters mean), Ratings, and German Words In Dog's Pedigrees

Pedigree Terms, Definitions, Ratings and Titles as well as words found in/on GSD papers and pedigrees on Imports or dogs for sale from Germany: ~Semi Alphabetized

German (that is within the country of Germany) Dog Pedigrees for GSD are four pages measuring just over 8" x 11". It comes in different colors for different degrees for dogs. The pages give much information about the dog, it's pedigree, as well as breeding rules. There is much information and titles to learn. If you are thinking about buying an Imported Dog, learn how to read the Papers and read them BEFORE purchasing the dog.

I spent many, many hours on this project....NO! You may not just copy and paste to your own sites or books!


Deutsche Schaferhunde is German for German Shepherd Dog

0 that is a zero, not an O, it means Failed
*: this symbol in a German Pedigree means that the dog has been surveyed and approved for breeding.
%WF: Von Willebrand's Disease factor. Thes Test Determines whether or not a Genetic Disorder is linked to a Missing Blood Factor which assist with the Clotting of Blood. (white GSD)

"a" (or any letter) Litter: you might see "g" litter: Many Dog Breeders alphabetize their litters, in order, so "c" Litter, would be the third or 29th litter of puppies they have bred

A: Ausreichend and Sufficient for Show or Working Rating
a: Ausgepragt German = Used by the Judge in Describing a Dog’s Courage and or "Hardness"
AD: Aus dauerprufing German = Endurance and Obedience Tests
"a" with a number behind it = hip ratings from the SV
ABST: Advanced Breed Suitability Test
AD: German = Ausdauerprufung - Endurance Trial 12 Miles in 2 Hours - usually at Flying Trot next to a Bicycle
AK: Altersklassse German = Open Class
AKC: American Kennel Club
AWDF: American Working Dog Federation
AJP: Excellent Agility Jumper
AgMXS Canadian = Agility Master Excellent Selected
AWSA: Ch American White Shepherd Association Chapion
AX: Agility Excellent
AXG: Arbeitsgemeinschaft der Zuchtvereine und Gebrauchshundeverbände German = Association of Breed Registry and Working Dog Sport Clubs — The AZG has the Purpose of Administrating Uniform International Schutzhund Rules via the FCI, to Assure Inter Club and International Conformity, making it possible to hold Identical or Similar International Trial Competitions in Different Countries.
Abzugen: German = Offered For Sale or at Stud
Ahn: Ahnen German = Ancestor, Ancestors
Abstammung: German = Ancestry
Abstaeichen: German = Markings
Ahnentafel: German = SV Pedigree Registration Papers
All Purpose: White GSD Award - Issued to dogs that have assed OFA and proven themselves in many different areas, including their Conformation Show Records and their Offspeing's Working Abilities
Alter: German = Age
Alsatian: Europe's name for the German Shepherd Dog after WWII
Amme: German = Foster Dam/Mother Dams in Germany may only care for 6 puppies in a litter, owners then foster out GSD to other dogs
Angekoert: German = Recommended for Breeding
Anwartschaft: German = Prospective Championship: accumulated wins toward a Championship
Angulation: The Angles of the Bones at the Shoulder and the Upper Front Legs Meet, as well as the Angle of Upper and Lower Thigh where it Meets at the Knee Joint
Alter: German = Age
Allgemeiner Eindruck: German = General Impression
Ausbildungskennzeichen: German = Standard
Augen: German = Eyes
Ausdruck: German = Expression
Austellung or Austellugen: German = Show or Shows
BpDH1 2: Railroad Police dog
BDH:[b/} Bahndiensthund: German = Railroad Service Dog
Blind Leader dog
BH: Basic companion dog - traffic sureness
B or BH Begleithunde: The preliminary and prerequisite test for a dog going on to get his/her Schutzhund titles. A combination temperament and obedience test. B and BH are used interchangeably.
Bes.: Besitzwechsel German = Change of Ownership
BIS: Best In Show: awarded to the top dog judged the best at a conformation show against all dog competing
BSP: Bundes Sieger Prüfung German = National Trial Level
BPIS: Canadian = Best Puppy in Show: awarded to the puppy judged the best against all other puppies at a conformation show
BIMBS: Best in Multi-Breed Show
BISS: Canadian = Best in Specialty Show: awarded to the dog judged the best at a conformation single breed show
Bitch: Female Dog
Behaarung: German - Coat
Belegt: German = Bred
Befehl: German = Command or Oder - used in dog training
Befreidigend: German = Satisfactory - used in rating show points
Begleithunde: German = Companion or Housedog
Begrenzte Klasse: German = Limited Class
Besitzer German = Owner
Belassen: German = Left or Kept with Dam after birth (not fostered)
Bewettung: German = Qualification
BSZS: Bundissieger Zuchtchuau, World Championship Sieger Show
BPDH I, II: Bannpolizeidiensthund I or II: Railroad Police Service dog I or II
Bild (or) Bilder: German = picture or pictures
Bloodline or Bloodlines: = Dogs within the Pedigree
Blau: German = Blue or Slate Gray - dog's coat color
Bundeslestunggssieger: German National Working Dog Champion awarded at the Bundessiegerprufung
BSP: Bundessiegerprufung (Ger.) German National Working German Shepherd Dog Championship - an annual Schutzhund competition.
Bonitacni Karta: - Breed Survey - Series of Letters and Numbers to Describe a Dog
Braun: German = Brown
Brustflect: German = Spot on Chest
Brustfieck: German = Spot on Chest - of the dog
CD: Companion dog. The first of five working qualifications, each of increasing difficulty, awarded to dogs gaining a certain percentage of total marks at working trials.
Brusgeschirr: German = Dog Harness
Ch: Champion in USA Conformational Show Ring
CCH: Bench Show Champion
CAC: FCI Award at smaller shows, or to dogs not judged good enough for CACID
CACIB: European International Champion Title
Can. Ch.: Canadian Champion
CM: Certificate of Merit
CAX: Coursing Ability Excellent
CHD: Canine Hip Dysplasia
Ch.: Conformation Show Ring Champion
Chov: Czeck = Champion
CKC: Canadian Kennel Club
CGC: Canine Good Citizen Award
CGN: Canadian = Canine Good Neighbor: a series of tests to determine if a dog is well trained and obedient in public
C.D.: Champion Dog - Obedience Show Title
CDX: CD Excellent
Can.Ch.: Canadian Champion - Conformation Show Ring
Cow Hocked: = Dog Stands with Hocks Turned Inwards, common in Schutzhund lines
Cryptorchid: Monorchid often incorrectly called Cryptorchid - A dog possessing one testicle - Cryptorchid means that neither testicle is present in the scrotum
D. Dunkel German = Dark - as in dark color on dog
Dr. Dunkelrot German = Dark Red - as in color of a dog
DH: Dienshung, service dog
DH: Service Dog
DM: Dock Master Title
DEX: Dock Elite Excellent Title
DPH: Service Police dog
DSuchPr: Dienstsuchhund German = A tracker on active police duty
DDR: Deutsche Demkratischen Republik = Former East Germany
DVG: Deutscher Verband der Gebrauchshundsportvereine e.V. = German member of DHV - A Dog Sport Club and One of The Larger Members of the DHV. Has some branches in the USA and Canada - Alternate organization for Schutzhund, with a bit different rules, and a broader breed focus
Dechen: German = To Breed, to cover by stud
Decken,frei: German = At Public Stud - offering dog for stud service
Decktag: German = Breeding Date
Detascher Reichsverband fur Polizei und Schutzhunde e.V.: German = German Reich Association for Police and Guard Dogs, inc.
Dew Claws: = Additional Set of Toes on the Inside of the Dog's Leg Above the Foot and Making No Contact with Ground. Can be removed when the puppy is about 2 days old.
Deutcher Schaferhnd Verband: German = German Shepherd Dog Association - comparatively little known in comparison to the SV
Deusches Kartelis fun Hundewesen: German = Pre-Hitler (who stole GSD breed and paperwork) all breed German club responding to the AKC
Diluted: Dog does NOT have Good Rich Colors in its Coat
Dobry: Czeck = Good
Dozivotne: Czechoslovakian = Selected to a Breed Class Lasts for Life
Drahthaarigen: German = Wire-Haired -allowable in GSD
Dressierhg or Dressur: German = Training
Dressurprufung: German = Training Test - now called Zuchtprufung
Dritter: German = Third - as in third place in competition
E: Owner of the Dog on Registration Papers
E.V. Eingertragener Verein German = Registered Association or Corporation
Ep.: Trophy
EZ: Einfache Zucht German = Only one Parent of the dog has a Working Degree/Title
Eintragunjgbestatifgung: German = Certificate of Entry and or Registration
Entwartung: German = Cancelation
Erster: German = First
Ehrenpreis: German = Trophy
Ellenbogen: German = Elbows
Eltern: German = Parents
Elchfarbig: German = Elk Colored: a brownish mixture, not solid tan or chocolate
Ersatpreis: German = A Prize given in special recognition of the runner-up at a show
Europasieger: Conformation winner at the European All Breed Show
FDCH: Flyball Dog Champion Title
FGDCh: Fkyball Grand Champion
FCI: Federation Cynologique Internationale World Canine Organization. Membership is Currently at 79 Different Countries
FM: Flyball Master Title
FH: Fahrtenhund, tracking qualification
FH1: Advanced tracking
FH2: Superior tracking qualification
FS or FSg: German = Club Champion dog or bitch (formally Klubsieger)
Fuhrer: German = Handler of the Dog in the Show Ring
Farbe und Abzeichen: German = Colors and Markings
Fahrtenhund: German = Field Trial Trialing Dog
Federation Cynologique Internationale: International Dog Federation which awards World Championship Titles
Fehler: German = Faults
Fehlerhaft: German = Faulty
Fuhrer: German = Handler - Dog Handler
Full Bonitacion: Czechoslovakian = A complete Breed Survey
G: Gut German = Good Show or Working Rating
GSA: Ireland German Shepherd Dog Club
GSD: German Shepherd Dog(s)
GSDCA: German Shepherd Dog Club of America
GSDCC: German Shepherd Dog Club of Canada
GrH: Grenzenhund German = Border Patrol Dog
GfH: Gerellischaft fur Hundelforschung German = Association for Dog Research
GRCh: UKC Grand Champion
GMOTCH: Canadian = Grand Master Obedience Trail Champion Obedience
GZ: Gebrauchshundzucht German = A Dog of Utility Working Dog Breeding Both of the Dog's Parents have Working Titles
Gang: German = Gait
Grau: German = Gray
Gelb: German = Yellow
Gestr.: Gestreift German = Brindle - Dog Markings
Gerwinkelt: German = Angulated
Genannt: German = Dog's Alias, as known as "call name"
Geschutzer: German = Protected
GCH: Grand Champion
Glatthaarig: German = Smooth Coated
Gross: German = Large
Grosse: German = Size
Grosseltern: German = Grandparents
Grossmutter: German = Granddam
Geworfen: German = Whelped
Gebrauchshundklasse: Working Dog class-the only class available for animals over two in Germany
Geschlecht: German = Sex
Geschutzer: German = Protected
Geschutzer Zchtname: German = Registered Name
Gefleckt: German = Spotted
Gewinkelt: German = Angularted
Geschutzer Zuchtname: German = Registered Name
GrH: Grenzen Hund: Border Patrol dog
GHKL: Gebrauchshundklasse = Working Dog Class - 2 years or older, with Working Title (dog entered must have at least a SchH1 or comparable Working Title in order to be shown in working class).
HC: Herding Champion
HD: Hip Dysplaysia
HOF: White Shepherd Award - Hall Of Fame
HOT: Handler/Owner/Trained
Gut: German = Good
HGH: Herdengebrauchshund, herding dog-a qualification of dogs working with herds and or flocks.
HIC or HIT: Herding Dog Title
HIADSC: Herding Intermediate Course A- Ducks-Sheep-Cattle
HPrHt: Hauptpreishuten German = Herding Champion Title
Haar: German = Coat
Halsband: German = Collar
Hasenfarnbig: German = Hare (rabbit) colored, brownish gray, agouti (see our page on Sable GSD for photos
Hauptgeschaftstelle: German = Main Office, Headquarters
Hinterhand: German = Hindquarters
Hinterlaufe: German = Hind Legs
High Withered: When the Area at the Dog's Neck Runs into the Dog's Back is Definite, long and well filled in with muscle over the vertebrae between the shoulder blades, and Slopes Into the Dog's Back, rather than being on the same Horizontal with the Back called Flat Withered
Hirschrot: German = Reddish Fawn - Dog Color
Hitze: German = Bitches Heat Season
Hund or Hundle: German = Dog, Dogs - male or in general
Hundein, Hundinnen: German = Bitch or Bitches - Female Dog(s)
Huntesieger: Herding Dog Champion at the Terman Herding Dog Championships. HT: Herding tested.
HC: Herding Champion
H.L.E.: Hochstlobende Erwahnung German = Very Highly Commended
HT: Herding Tested
HCHS Canadian = Herding Champion Stock Dog
HCHT Canadian = Herding Champion Tending
HIT: Canadian = High in Trial: dog that performs the best at an Obedience Trail
Hals: German = Throat Neck
Hitze: German = Female in Season
Hohe: German = Height
Hoden: German = Testicles
Hollandische: German = Dutch
Hunderfreunde: German = Dog Lovers, Fanciers
Hundinen: Female Dog
IPO1: International Novice Schutzhund
IPO2: International Immediate Schutzhund
IPO3: International Masters level Schutzhund
INT: German = Internationale Prufungsklasse International Training Degree
INT CH: International Champion
Intact: = Not Sexual Altered - Not Neutered or Spayed
Inzucht: German = Inbreeding
JKL: Jugendklasse = Youth Class - age group 12-18 months.
JHKL: Junghundklasse = Young Dog Class - age group 18-24 months.
Jung: German = Young - Pup
Jahrgang: German = Annual Volumes, Years Issue of Stud Book or Magazine
K: Structure Fault
KLZ: Kor und Leistungszucht German = Qualification and Performance Breeding. Both the dogs parents have Breed Surveys and all four Grandparents have Working Titles.
KNPV: also known as the Royal Dutch Police Dog Sport - Began in Holland. The sport was originally designed to provide a Certification Program by the Dutch Government for Civilians to Title Dogs that would then be made available to the Dutch Police.
KZ: Korzucht German = Qualification Breeding - Both Parents of the dog have Breed Surveys
Katalog: German = Catalog
Katzenfuss: German = Cat Paw
Kazmaier: German Shepherd Dog Breeders
Kennles von Lotta: German = German Shepherd Dog Breed Breeder
Kind or Kinder: German = Get - pups of sire or dam
Klein: German = Small
Kleintierzuchter: German = Small Animal Breeder
Kopf: German = Head
Konkurrenz: German = Competition
Koppel-Klasse: German = Brace Class
Kopfabz: German = Head Markings
Knochen: German = Bone
Kreigshund: German = War Dog
KRAJ. VIT: Czechoslovakian = Regional Show Champion
Krupe: German = Croup
Kraftig: German = Strong
Kurz: German = Short
Korung: = SV Breed survey. Breed Survey, to select from the breeding Registry a number of dogs that in their character, performance, and anatomical construction appear suitable for the conservation and improvement of the breed.
KrH: = kriegshund: War dog
Kkl: SV Breed Survey. See Korung.
Koerklasse I: Especially recommended for breeding
Koerklasse II: Suitable for breeding and may, if tested at a later date, be improved or upgraded to Koerklasse I
Kkl1: Dog is Especially Recommended for Breeding
Kkl2: Dog is Suitable for breeding. Variations from the German Shepherd Dog Breed Standard in Conformation, such as too small or too large, a missing tooth, structural or protection work fault, and such, are some issues that can cause a dog to be Kkl2 rather than Kkl1.
LG: German, Landesgruppen Show = the "mother dog club" in Germany
LwH: Lawinen Hund - Avalanche dog
lbz: Lebenzeit = for life - The result of a Breed Survey The Korklasse Mark is held for the life of the dog
Langhaarig: German = Long Haired
Laufe: German = Running Gear - Legs
Leine: German = Leash
M: Mangelhaft = Faulty Show or Working Rating
M.H.: militar hund: Military dog
MJG: Master Gold Jumper with Weaves - Agility Title
MOTCH: Canadian = Master Obedience Trail Champion
Maske: German = Face Mask - Dog's Facial Markings
Marna: German Shepherd Dog Breeder that put this list together
Mex.Ch.: Mexican Champion - Conformation Show Ring
Melde Hung: German = Army Messenger Dog
Meldelhundprofung: German = Messenger Dog Trail
Meldeschein: German = Registration Certificate
Mistr. CR: = Czech Working Champion
Mistr. SR: = Slovak Working Champion
Mit: German = With
Monatsschrift: German = Monthly Magazine
Monorchid: often incorrectly called Cryptorchid - A dog possessing one testicle. Cryptorchid means that neither testicle is present in the scrotum
Mutter: German = Dam/Mother
MXS: Master Silver Agility
NAC: National Agility Champion
NP: Not Promising = Disappointing Award in Puppy Class
NHS: Herding Started
NHSB: Netherlands Stud Book - all breeds
NZB: Nachzucht Bewertung = Progeny Evaluation
Nase: German = Nose - Muzzle
Nachgewiesen: German = Indicated
Neulings-Klasse: German = Novice Class
N. nachgew: Nicht nachgewiesen German = Not Indicated - not shown on dog's record
ng: German = Nicht Genugend - Insufficient - Used by the Judge in Describing a Dog’s Courage and "Hardness"
Nummer: German = Number
OK: Offenklasse German = Open Class
OLK: Offeneleistungsklasse German = Open Class for Dogs with Training Degrees
O.T.Ch.: Obedience Trial Champion
OA: Open Agility Title
OP: Obedience Progeny - White Shepherd Award -
OSV: Osterreichescher Verein fur Deutsche Schaferhunde German = Austrian Association for the German Shepherd Dog
OFA: Othepedic Foundation for Animals
Osterreichisches Hundestammbuch: German = Austrian Stud Book of All Breeds
OTCH: Obedience Trail Champion
OVC: Canadian = Ontario Veterinary College - Hips will be Graded as either Pass or Fail
Oberschlachtig: German = Overshot - dog's mouth not correct
Ohren: German = Ears
Ortsgrupe: German = Local Group - Local Club - Dog Club
P: Promising = Puppy Class Award
PH Polizehund: Police dog
PennHIP: Developed at University of Pennsylvania (USA) The procedure measures hip joint laxity; it does not grade a passing or failing score.
POC: Perferred Obedience Champion
PFP I, II: - Polizeishutzhundprufung I, II: Police Tracking dog I or II
PSP I, II: - Polizeischutzhundprufung I, II: Police Protection Dog I or II
P.D.Z.: Prufungsverband der Zuchtvereinee fur Diensthundrassen in Kartell German = Training competition organisation of specialty clubs for the service dog breeds affiliated with the Kartell
Paar: German = Pair - Brace
Ptote: German = Foot
Pf: German = Paws
Platz: German = Place - Placement in Competition
Prameirung: German = Award
Polizei Dienst Hund: Trained Dog in Actual Police Service
Polizei ienst Hund Prufung: German = Test pr Field Trial for Working Dogs
Polizehund: = = Police =-Trained Dog - of any breed
Puppy Class: Age Show Groups 4-6 months, 6-9 months, and 9-12 months
RE: Canadian = Rally Excellent
RO: White Shepherd Award - Register of Excellence, Obedience
ROM: Register Of Merit
RNC: AKC Rally National Champion
R.D.H.: Reichsverband fur das Deutscher Hunderwesen German = Hitler equivalent of D.K.H.
Rasse: German = Breed
Rassekennziechen: German = Breed Standard, Breed Characteristics
Rechts: German = Right (right hand - dogs have front paw dominate and can be "south pawed")
Richter: German = Judge
Richterbericht: German = Judge Report
Rein: German = Pure, Entire, Solid - color of dog
Rucke: German = Back
Rute: German = Tail
Ruden: Male Dog
Rucke German = Back
S: Black or Black Dog
SG: Sehr Gut (Ger.) - Very Good. Is the highest possible show rating a dog can obtain in Youth Class or Young Dog Class. Also a SchH rating awarded to dogs who score 90-95 points out of 100 in SchH trail/competition.
SAR: = Search And Rescue
SZ: Zuchtbuch fur Deutshe Scaferhunde German = German Shepherd Dog Stud Book
SZ-NR: Zuchtbuch Nummer German = Stud Book Number
S.H.: sanitats hund: Red Cross dog
SDA: Canadian = Stock Dog Advanced
SDS: Canadian = Stock Dog Started
SP: Czeck - Participant in Search and Rescue
SchH1: Novice Schutzhund qualification in tracking, obedience and protection
SchH2: Intermediate Schutzhund qualification in tracking, obedience and protection
SchH3: Masters level of Schutzhund tracking, obedience and protection
SchHa: A limited SchH title, similar to SchH I but without the tracking portion
SG: Serh Gut German = Very Good
Sg: German Schwarz undgelb = Black & Tan
SP-PS: Czeck - Border Patrol Dog Title
SPO: Czeck = Slovak Protection title
SHSB: = Schweizer Hundestmmbach = Swiss Stud Book
Sbgr: Silbergrau German = Silver Gray - dog color
StP: Stattspreis fur Zucht oder Gerbarchsleistung German = Government Prize for Obedience or Work Training
SLP: Snow Rescue Dog Title
SDS Canadian = Stock Dog Started
SPZ: Czeck - Rescue Dog Title
SPZ2: Czeck - Highest Level Rescue Dog Title
Sattel: German = Saddle
Schau: German = Show
Scheu: German = Shy
Schulter: German = Shoulder
Schwester: German = Sister
Schonheisieger: German = Bench Chapmpion
Schussfest: German = Steady To Gun (the noise the gun makes does not scare the dog)
Schusscheu: German = Gun Shy (scared of the sound of a gun going off)
Schulhalsband: German = Spiked Training Color (called "pinch collar" in USA, not near as hurtful as it looks, it pinches, not digs)
Schulterhohe: German = Shoulder Height
Schecken: German = Parti-colored
Schriftleiter: German = Editor
Salz und Pfeffer: German = Salt and Pepper (color of dog)
Sanitatzhund: German = Red Cross Dog (used in World Wars)
Schwarz mit Braunen Abzeichen: German = Black with brown markings: Black and Tan
Schwarzgelb: German = Tawny; dark yellow - dog coloring
Schwarzrot: German = Dark Red
Sonderverein: German = Specialty Dog Show
Sonderverwand: German = Specialty Club
SP: Czeck - Tracking Title
Sprungwand: German = Hurdle, Jump used for training to scale fences, ect.
Suchhundprufung: German = Trailing Test
TC: Temperament Certificate
TD: Tracking dog.Qualification title for nose work
TDI: Therapy Dog International
TSB: Triebveranlung, Selbstsicherheit und Belastbarkeit = rating the dog's Drive, Self-Confidence, and Ability to Handle Stress in a Courage Test. Ratings are “Pronounced, “Sufficient" or "Insufficient."
T1, T2, T3 or T4: The dog is removed from their Sire's participation in the Sieger Show due to TSB failings. Each number indicates the reason for removal.
T1: Is indicating that even though the dog has demonstrated pronounced TBS, the dog did not release on command during the Courage Test. Did not obey the "Out" command
T2: TSB vorhanden = TSB “sufficient" not enough to continue on in the competition. Very strict rules on Sieger Shows.
T3: TSB Ticht Genuegend German = TSB “insufficient"
T4: The dog removed from farther participation due to lack of Obedience or Control, the dog failed all three allowed attempts to heal to the standing blind
T.D.X.: Tracking Dog Excellent Title
TDI: Canadian = Therapy Dog International
TT: Temperament Tested - dog must pass certain tests that indicate if it has a stable temperament
Tiefschwarz: German = Solid Black (as in dog color)
Tier: German = Animal
Trida: Czeck = Class Selected to 1st Class or 2nd Class
Totgenboren: German = Still Born
Toten: German = to destroy - unwanted puppies - cull
Total Dog: UKC Award for Agility of Obedience
U: Unsatisfactory Show or Working Rating
U-CD and U-CDX: UKC Awards - Companion Dog Advanced
UD: Utility dog. Working qualification
USA=USCA: United Schutzhund Clubs of America
UKC: United Kennel Club
UPM: Czeck - Completion of Search and Rescue
UTD: Canadian = Urban Tracking Dog Excellent
UTDX: Canadian = Urban Tracking Dog Excellent
UM: = Czech National Participant
UM CR: = Czech National Champion
UM SR: = Slovak National Participant
UMS FCI: Czeck = National Participant for the World FCI team
UMS WUSV: Czeck = National Participant for the World WUSV team
Ubung: German = Training Exercise
Unbekannt: German = Unknown
Und: German = And
Unterschrift: German = Signature
Urgrowweltern: German: Great-Grandparents
Urgrossenkel, Urgrossenkeilin: German = Great-Great-Grandson or Great-Great-Grandaughter
Urgrossmutter: German = Great-GrandDam
Urgrossvater: German: Great-GrandSir
Ururgrosseltern: German: Great-Great-Grandparents
V: Vorzuglich German = Excellent
V: White Shepherd Dog - Veteran
VA: Vorzuglich Auslese German = Excellent Select - Show rating only awarded at the Sieger show in working class.
VDH: German = Dog Society of Germany
VP: Very Promising = Highest Award in a Puppy class
Verbegung: German = Award, Bestowal
Verbindung: German = Mating
Vierter: German = Fourth -placement in competition
VIT. TR.: Czech = Class Champion Conformational
Velmi Dobry: Czeck = Very Good
Vordebrust: German = Forechest
Vorderhand: German = Forequarters
Von or Vom: German for, basically, the word 'From the'
Vater: German = Sire/Father
Vorderpfote: German = Forepaw
Vorprufung: German = Preliminary Trial
Vorzuglich: German = Excellent - highest rating
WGSDCI Ch: White German Shepherd Dog Club International; Champion
WH: Watch dog
WUSV: The World Union of the German Shepherd Dog
WT: Wurftag = date of birth
WDA: Working Dog Association
WDS(with a 1,2 or 3 for level): Working Dog Sport
WSCC Ch: White Shepherd Club of Canada Specialty Champion
WUSV: Welt Union der Schaferhundvereine German = World Union of German Shepherd Dog Clubs
Wanderzuchtpreis: German = Challenge Trophy - Best of Breed
Washed out: Marked Palling of Color and Pigment in Nose and Nail - also Diluted Color of Dog's Coat
Weitsprund: German = Broad Jump
Wesen German = Character or Temperament of the dog
Welp, Welpen: German = Young Puppy, Young Puppies
Werfen: German = To Produce, To Whelp - have/deliver puppies
Weltsieger: German = World Champion (male) dog
Wet Dog: Water Education and Training Dog Obedience Group
WETT: Water Education and Training Test
Weltsiegerin: German = World Champion Bitch (female)
Winkelung: German = Angulation - of the dogs build
Wiess: White
White Shepherd: Breed Name in some Countries for the White German Shepherd Dogs
Wurf: German = Litter - of puppies
Wurfmeldung: German = Litter Registration
Wurfstarke: German = Size Of Litter
Wurfdatum: German = Whelping Date
Wurfmeddung: German = Litter Entry, Litter Registration
Z: Zuchter, Zuchterin German = Breeder of the dog
ZB: Zuchtbewertung (Ger.) = conformational show rating.
ZH: Zollhund, dog trained to work with customs police
Zh: Zotthaarig German = Shaggy Coated
ZPO: Czeck = Protection Title
ZPS: Czeck - Special Tracking Title
ZLP: Czeck - Avalanche Dog Title
ZP-VB: Czeck - Police Examination Title
ZW: Zuchtchert = Breeding Value
ZM: Czeck = Basic Title Similar to a Schutzhund BH but with Bite Work included
ZVV1/SVV1: Czeck = The Preliminary Czech Title, Extensive Tracking, On and Off Leash Obedience And Protection. Similar to Schutzhund 1 (SchH1) But Yet Very Different
ZVV2/SVV2: Czechoslovakian = Much More Challenging Second Czech Title Includes More Extensive Tracking, More Intense Obedience And Difficult Protection - Similar to Schutzhund 2 (SchH2) however Very Difficult and Geared Towards Real Everyday Situations
ZVV3/SVV3: Czeck = The master Level of Czech Title System on 5-9 dogs receive this Prestigious Title Per Year - This Title Includes Very Long Detailed Tracking, Full Obedience And Very Extensive Protection - Similar to Schutzhund 3 however Very Demanding and Much More Realistic
Zpr: Passed breeding survey and are recommended for breeding
ZLP: Czeck - Avalanche Dog
ZMP: Czeck - Similar to ZVV - Also Includes Article Search (ZMMP) 1st Level
ZMP2: Czeck - Highest Level Similar to ZVV - Also Includes Article Search (ZMMP)
ZZP: Czeck - Search and Rescue Dog
Zucht: German = Breed, Breeding, Race
Zuchtbuch: German = Studbook
Zuchtgruppe: German = Team
Zuchbuchamt: German = Stud Book Office
Zuchthundin: German = Brood Bitch - Breeding Female
Zuchtpreis: German = Bred By Exhibitor
Zur Zucht Niche Zugelassen: German = Not to be used for breeding
Zur Zucht nur mit Genehmigung des Zuchtbuchamtes Zugelassen: German = Can be used for breeding only with the approval of the Stud Book Office
Zweiter: German = Second
Zwinger: German = Kennel
Zwingerklasse: German = Team Class
Zwingername: German = Kennel Name - name called different or shorter than what is on the dog's registration papers
Zimminerrein: German = Housebroken
Zotthaig: German = Shaggy Coat

Yes. We DO know that our list here is not complete...and will be working on that.

For or a list of all the Seiger Shows and winners of, that have been held in Germany since 1899:

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