GSD Humor

SOME PEOPLE, AND I LOVE THOSE FOLKS, HAVE A GREAT SENSE OF HUMOR AND LOVE TO ADD CAPTIONS TO PHOTOS OF GERMAN SHEPHERD DOGS (and some don't even need words to make you smile). HERE IS WHAT I HOPE BECOMES AN ENDLESS ARRAY OF JUST SUCH FUN! If you have a photo of your dog with a cute saying or caption, we would love to display it on this page, email it to us at the address below. Thanks!

Let The Quiet Puppy Lie Public Water Fountain I can make it in 3 seconds - can you Lots Of Puppies Digging Me? id=8531 Karma GSD Branch Manager Frig GSD GSD Muddy Pup GSD Cops & Robbers GSD Enjoys Movie GSD Fear Me GSD Milkshake GSD Waiting For Pizza Dude GSD Birthday GSD Bail GSD thermometer GSD Sniffs Suitcase GSD Life Death GSD Sign GSD Not Allowed GSD Bithday Thoughts GSD Bitches GSD Meat Cake Keys Under GSD Cat Too GSD won't take meds Raise Them Right Vacation GSD Dog Humor Kitty STOP Cocaine GSD GSD Can Climb Tree GSD Doughnuts Gonna Gnaw You GSD Mouth to Mouth  GSD Please Remove  GSD Yo Mama GSD Did You Say "Cookies" Let The Quiet Puppy Lie

OTHER FUN AND FUNNY DOG HUMOR, maybe not GSD but worth the smile!

Old Yeller


The contents of this page for GSD Humor should always be under construction. We hope others will share their photos of their GSD and someone is always finding cute GSD jokes on the Internets. Please check back.

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